Motion Graphics

Want to produce video content in multiple languages for web platforms and multiple brand apps? We produce motion graphics animations that simply showcase ideas, concepts, and images in the simplest and most attractive ways. It is helpful for brands to showcase a concept for their market-leading products concisely. Motion graphics always help you convey a message in the quickest way to grab the viewer’s attention.

The motion graphics industry has evolved quite significantly in the last few years. The way Hummingbirds Consulting uses graphics is not just limited to adding motion to the images but also involves the addition of audio and other features that take your branding to the next level. Since our inception, we have enabled our potential customers to have an amazing viewing experience.

Explainer Videos

The digestible or short pieces of video content that tell your customers about how your product works are known as explainer videos. An explainer video is one of the most commonly used motion graphics because a lot of companies want to present their product’s preview clearly and concisely. You will witness the use of explainer videos in a lot of companies’ feeds. Hummingbirds Consulting produces explainer videos that ensure a boost to the sales of your products or services.

Instructional Videos

The instructional videos are very similar to explainer videos. It is the most innovative way to inform your users about how to use your product. When you are all set to use motion graphics for instructional videos, it’s guaranteed to be eye-catching for your viewers. At Hummingbirds Consulting, we are happy to produce visually stunning motion graphics for your brand by implementing the smartest design strategies.

User Interface (UI) Animation

For your digital platform or app, without a doubt, it is the smartest idea to make use of motion graphics. It is the most commonly used medium to inspire your audience. It is simply if a user starts using the platform, he will easily get familiar with it. In addition, using motion graphics in the user interface provides you with an opportunity to show the best features of your product or application to your clients.


Hummingbirds Consulting can make your brand more memorable and visually appealing through an interactive logo. We specialize in creating moving logos for the world’s leading brands. We manipulate all types of static images to create a movement. If you require a logo that involves circular shapes, we can make them spin or rotate, coming together to form a single image. For our end-users, with a team of exceptionally brilliant minds who are always passionate to explore the art of motion graphics, we are enabling businesses to make a difference. With over a decade of experience, Hummingbirds Consulting uses motion graphics to shape brands and convey all their messages in a much more creative way.

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