Nadia Ayoubi is a successful entrepreneur with experience and expertise in the field of IT management. Ms. Ayoubi is an Afghan descendant and immigrated to US since 1997.

Nadia launched HummingBirds Consulting (HBC) in 2013 to fulfil the growing need for staff augmentation in the Washington Metropolitan area.  Nadia successfully works in State, Federal & Private sector.

She overlooks all aspects of the business flow and effectively works with various departments. She is expanding her business in Cyber Security Training, Website Development and Web-Marketing.

In 2008, Ayoubi became a partner in a small IT company, Ace Technology Services until 2012. The company focused on the area of software development and innovative solutions for reducing operating costs for governments and companies. Education and workforce development of young women in the field of science and technology was an important focus for her.

In 2005, she became COO of a leading mortgage company with over 170 employees. She was responsible for overseeing the various departments of Loan & Mortgages, LLC from sales, processing, compliance, accounting, human resources and technology. She was instrumental in streamlining and growing the business under her leadership.

She was invited to join the growing home mortgage and refinancing boom in early 2000. Ayoubi mastered various aspects of the home loan process.

She speaks fluent English, Urdu, Hindi, Dari and understands Punjabi.

She is an active member of Fairfax County Republican Party of Virginia. She ran for Mclean Community Center 2015-2016 Governing Board election.