WordPress optimization

As per the statistical analysis, your website traffic conversion can be decreased to 4.42% for every second of the load time. It means that the slower your load time, the lesser your traffic conversion rate will be. Moreover, longer load times also hurt your page rankings on search engines. Currently, WordPress is the most popular platform businesses use to develop their websites. However, not every WordPress website operates similarly because each site needs different tools and settings for maximum performance. Our team expertly tailors these unique settings to optimize the speed of your WordPress website. We provide professional word press speed optimization through various strategies.

Speed Enhancement

We do not just work on one-time speed optimization but keep a close eye on the improvement. We assess improvements and record our findings to help our clients understand our decisions. We believe in transparency and keep our clients updated through regular documentation of their website speed performance. Our website speed optimization services entail initial reports and an assessment of the end result.

Testing And Development Work

After optimizing WordPress speed and fixing the errors, we test the changes for website performance, including testing CDN (Content delivery network) implementation. However, if your website requires a different approach, we provide a different solution because our WordPress speed optimization services are focused on clients’ individual needs. We’ll help you deliver your content as fast as possible on your own terms. Our team continuously works on the development according to the test findings we run to keep the website running smoothly.

Customized Suggestions

Our team of WordPress development best practices to optimize website speed. The services are always effective and relevant according to the nature and functions of your website. We always recommend customized action steps to clients according to the unique needs of their website.

Tracking Of Latest Developments

We keep an eye on the latest industry trends and development. For example, ‘Core Web Vitals’ have recently taken an important role as a ranking factor. These are Google’s markers to measure user experience for a web page. As of June 2021, Core Web Vitals defines a website’s performance, directly impacting its appearance on a Google search. With this shift, it is vital to keep account of these values. Our services help you to scale up your score to the maximum level and stay on top by keeping up with any other developments in the coming days.

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